Tutoring learn more in less time through our Finnish way of teaching

Because we want to be sure we offer the best education there is, we have chosen for the Finnish way of teaching.
The Finnish way of teaching is worldwide acknowledged to be the best possible way of teaching, whereby children learn more in less time.
What differs the Finnish way of teaching from other ways of teaching?
Finnish education is based on the well-being of the pupil. This is in contrast to most other teaching methods.
By providing suitable education based on the educational needs of your child, our learning results belong to the highest of the world.
Most children do not receive everything at school. That is not surprising; the class is full and lessons are sometimes messy.
An average student can still manage; education is organized on the average. But let’s face it, which child is really average? The corona period also affected many students’ progress in education.
That is why many children in primary and secondary education receive tutoring. That is not surprising at all and it really only helps your child to a school result that really suits his or her level. This not only benefits learning efficiency, but also self-confidence in the educational process.
Sometimes it feels like a big step
This is sometimes quite a step for parents. Do you have to bother your child about school after school?
And in addition to the hassle of bringing and collecting, there are costs involved. As a parent you would of course like to do that for your child, but still …
Online tutoring is a godsend
InterTeach’s online tutoring is a godsend for you and your child! You decide when your child takes the lessons and that can be done from home.
Thanks to our varied teaching method, we adapt to every learning style. Therefore:
Exercise your child without distraction
Your child is progressing quickly
Your son or daughter will regain confidence in himself
And all this for a very affordable monthly amount.
1 on 1 tutoring

1 on 1 tutoring

This form of tutoring provides the highest learning efficiency in the shortest possible period. First-degree teachers and teachers work at InterTeach who give one or more hours a week 1 on 1 tutoring to your child.

Group tutoring

Group tutoring

At Interteach we believe that children can also learn from each other. By working together progressively in groups, learning efficiency is efficiently promoted and communication skills are strengthened.

Access to curriculum

Access to curriculum

Some children can learn well independently, but lack an extra challenge to promote learning efficiency or to dot the i’s and cross the t’s. At InterTeach we make unlimited teaching materials available.

Tutoring for groups 3 to 8 of primary school
Our teaching material consists of videos in which teaching material is explained in various ways.
For all levels in groups 3 to 8. All kinds of assignments are associated with this via our own video portal.
This allows your child to fully master the teaching material. Just from home.
Tutoring in all subjects at all levels of secondary education

School is fun!

But not for everyone.

InterTeach employs the best subject teachers. These lessons take place via our own video portal.

It is as if our teacher is sitting at the table with your child. We offer the best tutoring for every form of secondary education, every grade and every subject at every level. This can be done 1 on 1 or in a group.

Restore self-confidence
A backlog in arithmetic, reading, or in a particular subject does not only affect the report mark. As a result, children often lose confidence in their own ability.
InterTeach tutoring is therefore about more than updating. Your child really takes steps forward and experiences success. This way your son or daughter will learn with confidence again.
This is how we ensure that your child improves
We are happy to help you get a clear picture of your child’s progress. We meet you before the start of the tutorials with your child for an intake interview; via our video portal. We determine what your child’s learning demand is and guide you through our teaching portal.
At the end of an agreed period, we will review the steps taken with you and your child. We underline the progress and, if necessary, point the way to a good follow-up.
Review's From Students
A.G., Eindhoven
    A.G., Eindhoven

    My son is very satisfied with the education on offer. As a parent, I'm happy to see him making progress since he's been taught at Interteach.

    P.v.d.A., Amsterdam
      P.v.d.A., Amsterdam

      great school! Very engaged teachers! Customized education. We are so happy with this school, after years of searching for our children.

      J., Eck en Wiel
        J., Eck en Wiel

        After a long search, our daughter has found her place!! She immediately started working on the full schedule and what a pleasure she had from day 1. Lara is happy again, can attend school well, enjoys every lesson and last week we had an evaluation and Lara is doing so well that she transferring her from vmbo-tl to havo.

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