Private distance secondary education (Grades 7 to 12)

Because we want to be sure we offer the best education there is, we have chosen for the Finnish way of teaching.
The Finnish way of teaching is worldwide acknowledged to be the best possible way of teaching, whereby children learn more in less time.
What differs the Finnish way of teaching from other ways of teaching?
Finnish education is based on the well-being of the pupil. This is in contrast to most other teaching methods.
By providing suitable education based on the educational needs of your child, our learning results belong to the highest of the world.
Regular secondary education demands a lot from children. Not only is the learning environment demanding due to the constant change of classrooms and teachers, but the social environment also requires a lot of attention.
For some children this is too much. They can handle the level very well, but the context in which they learn is so challenging that they cannot learn. They start to doubt what they can do. They lose pleasure and self-confidence and easily end up in a vicious circle.
These children often end up at home
InterTeach: Private Distance Education

School is fun!

But not for everyone.

Some children are bothered by the crowds or have difficulty to concentrate, are gifted and have to adapt their pace to the rest of the students. So they get bored or worse. They might even end up at home.

The Interteach approach most likely is the solution for your child.

Our primary objective is the well-being of your child. When your child feels good, has self-confidence, the learning will come naturally.

Of the best teachers

With minimal distraction and maximum focus

In the familiar environment
of home

Big steps, also in self-confidence
InterTeach has been a pioneer in distance education since 2018. We offer excellent secondary education in all subjects and at all levels throughout the Netherlands.
Your son or daughter will only be taught in our digital classroom by subject teachers who specialize in distance learning . The teacher is always the only one in the picture, sitting next to your child at the table, as it were.
The learning efficiency for your child is high thanks to:

A sense of self-direction

In the familiar environment of home;

With minimal distraction and maximum focus.

And in the meantime, your son / daughter learns, and that is just as important, to trust his own abilities again.
Develop social skills: online and offline
InterTeach helps your child discover what they have in store and use it in learning. We do this by creating a personal learning route in consultation with you and your child.
We pay attention to three domains: qualification, socialization and personal development.
There is also room for social interaction with peers at InterTeach. During group assignments in the online classroom and on offline education days.
That’s more than fun: at InterTeach, developing social skills is a core goal of education. That is why we offer courses and activities in groups.
Learning is, in our opinion, only possible when the students’ well-being is 100%. That’s our primary objective!
Because every student has a minimum of half an hour 1 on 1 with his/her teacher(s), we can adapt the educational needs of the student every week if necessary.
In this way we ensure the students wellbeing and the highest learning profits.
Review's From Students
A.G., Eindhoven
    A.G., Eindhoven

    My son is very satisfied with the education on offer. As a parent, I'm happy to see him making progress since he's been taught at Interteach.

    P.v.d.A., Amsterdam
      P.v.d.A., Amsterdam

      great school! Very engaged teachers! Customized education. We are so happy with this school, after years of searching for our children.

      J., Eck en Wiel
        J., Eck en Wiel

        After a long search, our daughter has found her place!! She immediately started working on the full schedule and what a pleasure she had from day 1. Lara is happy again, can attend school well, enjoys every lesson and last week we had an evaluation and Lara is doing so well that she transferring her from vmbo-tl to havo.

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