Language Courses
"Knowledge of languages is the doorway to wisdom"


Since many students wish to study abroad, Interteach provides language courses from level A-1 up to level C-2. Mastering the language of the country will open the door or possibilities and prosperity for the students.

Interteach offers language courses based on the Cambridge Curriculum. We meet all international standards for sure. All of our language teachers are foreign native speaker! Almost all languages are possible. 

The most common are: Hindi, English, Spanish, Russian, German, French, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch, Greek, Turkish, Arabic, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Japanese, Korean, Indonesian, Cantonese, Mandarin Our LANGUAGE COURSES are 3 days a week 2 hours a day. 

To complete a full course from start to finish we calculate a duration of 2 years. There are 6 different levels and 2 tests in Social Sciences.

Within 2 years students will speak, write and read the language he/she wants/needs to learn on a C2 level.


Admission Fee   ₹16500/- (one time per student)

One hour one day a week ₹1950/- (Per Month).

One hour two days a week  ₹3750/- (Per Month).

One hour three days a week  ₹5500/- (Per Month).

Two hours three days a week  ₹9750/- (Per Month).


Because language is more than just speaking, writing and reading, but also experiencing how to interact with the people, knowing their customs, their ways, their traditions, legislation, the do’s and don’ts, we also teach the social sciences of the country. To make sure you can live independently in that country.

Every 3 months a test will be taken and after passing the test a certificate will be provided on which the level of knowledge of the language is indicated. The lessons are taught by experienced and qualified academics from all over the world. Each a master in his/her field.

And due to the international composition of our teachers, students are prepared at an early stage for classes at a foreign university. A1 and A2 means you are a basic user of the language. complexities of culture.

B1 and B2 means you are an independent user of the language C1 and C2 means you are a skilled user of the language (near native)

Language is the road map of a culture

Native Teachers

More then 27 Language

Certificate on Passing Test

(…..and better!)

Interactive and Immersive Learning: Courses that provide immersive experiences, such as conversations with native speakers, language games, and cultural immersion, can be more engaging and effective than traditional classroom-based approaches.

Native Speaker Instruction: Courses with native-speaking instructors can help learners develop more authentic pronunciation and cultural understanding. Native speakers often bring cultural insights that non-native instructors may not have.

Review's From Students
A.G., Eindhoven
    A.G., Eindhoven

    My son is very satisfied with the education on offer. As a parent, I'm happy to see him making progress since he's been taught at Interteach.

    P.v.d.A., Amsterdam
      P.v.d.A., Amsterdam

      great school! Very engaged teachers! Customized education. We are so happy with this school, after years of searching for our children.

      J., Eck en Wiel
        J., Eck en Wiel

        After a long search, our daughter has found her place!! She immediately started working on the full schedule and what a pleasure she had from day 1. Lara is happy again, can attend school well, enjoys every lesson and last week we had an evaluation and Lara is doing so well that she transferring her from vmbo-tl to havo.

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