Pre University level education with the certainty of being accepted at any university in Europe, the USA and Australia.

Because we want to be sure we offer the best education there is, we have chosen for the Finnish way of teaching.
The Finnish way of teaching is worldwide acknowledged to be the best possible way of teaching, whereby children learn more in less time.
What differs the Finnish way of teaching from other ways of teaching?
Finnish education is based on the well-being of the pupil. This is in contrast to most other teaching methods.
By providing suitable education based on the educational needs of your child, our learning results belong to the highest of the world.
Pre University level education with the certainty of being accepted at any university in Europe, the USA and Australia.
Interteach is a Dutch worldwide operating education institute for Primary and Secondary Education.
Because Indian students are known to want to study at universities abroad, Interteach has developed a program that secures the highest level of education and ensures admission at any university in Europe, USA and Australia.
The lessons are taught by experienced and qualified academics from all over the world. Each a master in his/her field. And due to the international composition of our teachers, students are prepared at an early stage for classes at a foreign university.
Has your child problems following lessons at school?

Then InterTeach private distance education may be a godsend.

Your child will learn:

of the best teachers

with minimal distraction and maximum focus

in the familiar environment
of home

If you already have completed or follow a pre-university education, but you don’t have the right qualifications to be admitted at a university of your choice, we can help you with a customized program to ensure that you meet the admission requirements.
If needed we can help you with housing, language and knowledge about the countries customs.
Do you also want to study at a foreign university?
Review's From Students
A.G., Eindhoven
    A.G., Eindhoven

    My son is very satisfied with the education on offer. As a parent, I'm happy to see him making progress since he's been taught at Interteach.

    P.v.d.A., Amsterdam
      P.v.d.A., Amsterdam

      great school! Very engaged teachers! Customized education. We are so happy with this school, after years of searching for our children.

      J., Eck en Wiel
        J., Eck en Wiel

        After a long search, our daughter has found her place!! She immediately started working on the full schedule and what a pleasure she had from day 1. Lara is happy again, can attend school well, enjoys every lesson and last week we had an evaluation and Lara is doing so well that she transferring her from vmbo-tl to havo.

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