Small classes, attention and focus
Our teachers are specialized in online teaching. Our teacher sees all students in the classroom; the student sees only the teacher. That creates a sense of attention and helps your child to concentrate.
Tailor-made education
InterTeach helps your child discover what they have in store and use it in learning. We do this by creating a personal learning route in consultation with you and your child.
We pay attention to three domains: qualification, socialization and personal development.
Suitable distance and on-site education
Since 2018, Interteach has been pioneering with suitable education for primary and secondary education. We ensure the right mix between digital and physical education. Interteach is an educational institution and your child complies with compulsory education.
Your child will receive with us:
education without distraction
of specialized teachers
the highest learning efficiency
Qualification: the right knowledge and skills

Socialization: the school is not an island

How do you survive in our complex, multicultural society? InterTeach education gives your child the knowledge and skills to flourish in our society.

Children also gain knowledge of and insight into sports, art and culture.

How do you move and move between other people, people who are different? InterTeach teaches children and young people to relate to a diversity of multicultural traditions and practices.

In this ‘citizenship education’ we work together with external partners.

Personal development: own talents
Who are you and what do you need? Personal development is also central to InterTeach. Every child discovers his or her own talents, learns to think critically and to reflect.
Children learn to make choices based on who they are and what they want to achieve, over and over again.
Proud and confident
Ultimately, our goal is for your son or daughter to complete his or her school successfully and with pleasure.
Your child learns to be proud of who it is and what it can do, so that it will be able to stand on its own two feet with skill and confidence.
Review's From Students
A.G., Eindhoven
    A.G., Eindhoven

    My son is very satisfied with the education on offer. As a parent, I'm happy to see him making progress since he's been taught at Interteach.

    P.v.d.A., Amsterdam
      P.v.d.A., Amsterdam

      great school! Very engaged teachers! Customized education. We are so happy with this school, after years of searching for our children.

      J., Eck en Wiel
        J., Eck en Wiel

        After a long search, our daughter has found her place!! She immediately started working on the full schedule and what a pleasure she had from day 1. Lara is happy again, can attend school well, enjoys every lesson and last week we had an evaluation and Lara is doing so well that she transferring her from vmbo-tl to havo.

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